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Wellness Breakout Sessions

Kettlebells, Sandbags and Ropes  Mon  Sept 10  12-1 pm   F130

Mark Francis.  B.A. NASM CPT, CSCS CPT, FMS Certified .   Learn the various techniques of using Kettlebells,Sandbags and Ropes in your workout.  You will add variety, fun and effective training methods to your exercise routine.   Mark will also demonstrate how these tools can be utilized in a comprehensive Metabolic training format. 

Awesome Aerobic Training  Fri  Sept. 21  2-3 pm   F130

Jacky Burke.  M.S.,  NASM CPT, CSCS CPT, ATC.  Make the most out of your cardio workouts!  Regardless of your goal, this breakout covers evidence-based research on the most effective aerobic conditioning methods.    An in depth look at the merits and application of interval training will be included.

Functional Stability and Mobility  Mon.  Oct. 8   12-1 pm    F130

Mark Francis.  B.A. NASM CPT, CSCS CPT, FMS Certified.  Mark takes you through a series of functional fitness assessments that do more than just test the basic components of fitness.   The FMS screen will help determine potential weak links in the body with an emphasis on mobility and stability  Let our expert Mark Francis show you how to identify and correct these imbalances.  Please dress for physical activity.

Forever Young!  Thurs.  Oct. 25  11:30-12:30pm  F130

Sherri Veach, M.S., NASM CPT, AEA.The class will cover the benefits of exercise and nutrition which will target the senior population but is also applicable to all age groups.  A close look at unhealthy habits as well as healthy alternatives will help motivate you to keep the quality of life you desire.

Nutrition  Thurs.  Nov. 8  12-1 pm   F130 

Beth Farnsworth. B.S., DTR.  The foods we choose on a daily basis have a significant impact on our long-term health and well-being.  Can foods we eat really keep us healthy?  What are the right foods?  Which foods can lower (or raise) the risk of some of today’s biggest health problems?  Beth will explore the latest nutritional advice and give you the facts, so YOU can decide.

Core and Stability Training  Fri.  Nov.30  4-5pm  F109 

Ray Saigh.  B.S., ACE CPT, ISSA CPT.  Stability of the Core muscles is considered the foundation of safe and effective exercise training.  Come and learn  fun exercises using a variety of exercise tools to develop your core  and enhance your entire exercise program!  Dress for  physical activity.