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Strategic Planning

Top Ten 2013 - 2014 Employee Wellness Winners

Cecelia Contreras Donna Layshock
Jackie Fierro Rowdy Duncan
June Hawkins Scott Meek
Lynn McClelland Shoshannah Landis
Marina Shal Terri Warner


Employee Wellness Incentive Program
You can check on upcoming wellness events or see how many points you have accumulated by participating in campus wellness activities.
Campus Wellness is special events, speakers, recreation, education and collaboration between several departments on campus. You can't find Wellness in a bottle, buy it as seen on TV, or order it with your credit card off the internet. Wellness is not a product, it is a process.
The goal of Campus Wellness is to empower faculty and staff to make informed decisions about personal well-being and to encourage behaviors that move towards a balanced lifestyle. Career counseling, stress management, communication skills, time management and recreation are all examples of activities that can enhance Wellness.