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Welcome To The PVCC Employee Wellness Incentive Program!

WHAT IS IT? The PVCC Wellness Incentive Program is a motivational program designed to promote a healthy lifestyle among the PVCC community.   Employees can earn wellness points for a variety of employee wellness activities throughout the academic year.  The accumulated points may be "cashed in" for a variety of fun and useful incentive items such as movie tickets, massages and Ipods.
HOW DO I SIGN UP? Just log in below! It's easy. Each time you participate, you earn a point!

Wellness Activity Points are given for a variety of PVCC events which run from Fall through Spring semesters.  Some of the qualifying activities are Wellness Breakouts, Flu Shots, Fitness Center membership and Nutritional Counseling. Log in to see a list of the events.  To earn credit employees must sign in when participating in a Wellness event.

Note: If you had your mammogram or prostrate screening done during the fiscal year you are eligible to receive 3 incentive points. Just bring in your receipt or report to Lisa Cvach or Donna Layshock to verify.

WHAT IS THE TIME FRAME? Points are earned on an academic year basis.
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