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TEXT: Financial Accounting,  Weygandt, Kieso, Kimmel  Volume I (6th edition)

(working papers are included

COURSE DATA:             3 credits    prerequisite: none

Objectives:      To learn how to use and interpret accounting information and gain a general understanding of financial reports and to learn how to prepare financial reports and

to provide an accounting foundation with a focus on sole proprietorship business organization.

The student will be able to:

1.  Apply some generally accepted accounting principles

2.  Record basic business transactions in journals, using debits and credits

3.  Prepare a simplified income statement and balance sheet

4.  Prepare an eight-column work sheet and make adjusting and closing entries at the end of the accounting cycle

5.  Apply accounting procedures applicable to a merchandising business

6.  Be able to use special journals, ledgers, subsidiary ledgers, and control accounts

7.  Establish a petty cash system, and prepare a bank reconciliation

8.  Calculate interest income and interest expense

9.  Record transactions applicable to accounts receivable, notes receivable, accounts payable, and notes payable

10.  Work with four inventory systems that may be used

11.  Record payroll transactions

12. Understand computer integration with accounting using a spreadsheet


1.  We will cover chapters 1 through 9 and chapter 11.

2.  Quizzes, exams, and in-class group activities cannot be made up.

3.  Students are responsible for all text readings and all information contained in this document.

4.  Assignments cannot be turned in late unless permission is granted by instructor.

5.  Class attendance is expected.


 Grading:         tests                           250                              540-600 = A

             Compreh. prob.           75                              480- 539 = B

            Quizzes, assignments 210                              420-479 = C

 Write-up                      50                              360 -419 = D

  Critical thinking          15

Total                           600

Withdraw: It is the studentŐs responsibility to initiate a withdrawal from class.  Please refer to the college class schedule or contact the admissionŐs office. Otherwise the default grade will         be submitted.

Success Tips: Keep up with the chapter assignments, attend class regularly, and remember that accounting is part of business.    Most important, have FUN !

LSC: Please visit the Learning Support Center  to check your homework against the solution manual or to receive tutoring help. There are also video tapes of selected                                 chapters for your review. See attached instructions for on-line tutor.

Affirmation: There is no such thing as a problem without a gift for you in its hands.  You seek problems because you need their gifts

Assignments are due on time according to the calendar schedule for this class. If you need to request an extension for an assignment, a written request must be extended to me on email at least one week prior to the due date. Approved extensions will result in a loss of one grade equivalent for the assignment.

Submitting Assignments:

All assignments are to be submitted on request at the beginning of the class on the date due.


Every student is expected to produce his/her original, independent work. Any student whose work indicates a violation of the MCCCD Academic Misconduct Policy (cheating, plagiarism) can expect penalties as specified in the Student Handbook, which is available through Student Services; contact them at (480) 517-8540.

Financial policy:

If you are receiving financial aid of any kind, it is your responsibility to protect your eligibility to receive financial aid by meeting the requirements of this class. Students will be withdrawn from the class for non-participation.

Change of Address:

Please notify Admissions and Records at (602) 787-7020 and your instructor of changes in your address or phone number.

Civility Policy:

College policy prohibits "any conduct which is harmful, obstructive, disruptive to, or interferes with the educational processÉ." Therefore, the faculty of Paradise Valley Community College insists that the language of any communication between students and instructors or among students meeting electronically or in person at any Paradise Valley Community College site shall maintain the level of formality appropriate to any college teaching/learning situation. Excessively informal, rude, or insulting language will not be tolerated. Students who engage in such behavior will be withdrawn from the course.


Course content may vary from this outline to meet the needs of this particular group.

Disability Statement:

The college will make reasonable accommodations for persons with documented disabilities. Students should notify Student Services and their instructors of any special needs.

The following is provided as a ready reference for contact information:

College Safety

(602) 787-7900

Admissions and Records

(602) 787-7020


(602) 787-7200

Student Services

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(602) 787-7120

Testing Center

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(602) 787-7244

Disability Services

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Financial Aid

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Cashier's Office

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Course Outline (tentative)

January        Assignment

21                    intro   

23                   intro to $$ 1                           

28                              intro to $$      

30                    review       Questions 1-21 (pg 39)


February                                                        P2-1A, P 2-2A (pgs. 75- 76)

            4                      chap 1, chap 2 test                                         

6                      intro to $$ 3      

11                    review                         P 3-1A,  P 3-2A (pgs.121-122)         

13                    chap 3 test

            18                    intro to $$ 4                           

            20                    review                         P 4-1A,  P 4-2A (pg. 169)

            25                    chap 4 test

27                              intro to $$ 5


            4                      review                         P 5-1A,  P 5-2A (pgs. 212 - 213)      

            6                      chap 5 test                  write-up due 9:00am     

11                    intro to $$ 6

            13                    review                         P 6-1A, P 6-3A,  P 6-4A (pgs. 264-265)

            18 Đ20               Spring Recess no class

25                    chap 6 test                  30 Excel points due 9 am

27                              intro to $$ 7

$$   denotes chapter,    P  denotes problem     



1                      review                         P 7-4A,  P7-6A (pgs. 304 -307)

3                      chap 7 test                  start   Mini practice set                                                                                              (pg.313)

8                      lab day

10                    intro to $$ 8   

15                    review                         P 8-1A, P 8-2A,  P 8-3A (pgs. 350-351)     

17                    chap 8 test     

22                    intro to $$ 9   

24                    review                          P 9-2A,  P 9-5A (pgs. 389-390)

                                                            mini practice set due 9:00 am

29                    chap 9 test


1                      intro to $$ 11

6                       review                        P 11-1A,  P 11-2A,  P 11-5A


8                      chap 11 test  

15                    <final>  8:30   review grades