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CIS298 Special Projects

Dr. Jon Storslee

Office Hours are in the Commons or in E-142


Class No: 10113 Spring 2017

Phone: 602-787-6734


Class Schedule
Class Notes Topic Read Assignment Due Pts
n/a   Find Project   Talk with Me 2/3 20
n/a   Proposal   Proposal Format 2/17 50
n/a   Work Flow   Tracking Progress ongoing 50
n/a   Beta Site   Demo to Instructor 4/7  
n/a   Beta Test   Show off Project 4/14 50
n/a   Final Project   Final Review & Presentation 4/28 100

Books for Class


No Book Required



Student Conduct


Student Handbook & Catalog:

All policies in the PVCC College Catalog, the PVCC Student Handbook, and specifically listed in this syllabus, apply to this course. Please consult the current PVCC College Catalog and Student Handbook and be familiar with all PVCC College and Maricopa Community College District policies.

Student Maricopa E-mail policy:

Your e-mail account is the official form of communication between PVCC and you.  You are responsible for reading college messages and responding accordingly.

Classroom Etiquette:
Cell phones and pagers must be turned off during class instruction. Please arrive on time and listen respectfully while the instructor or other class members are speaking. Taping of lectures is allowed but please ask for permission from the instructor. Food and drink are not permitted in the classroom.

Class Information


CIS298 Special Projects Course Competencies

You will be required to create a Website or Web App or Technical Project from start to finish


Software instruction will usually take place in a classroom equipped with computers. You will be responsible for additional lab time outside of class to complete homework assignments and to prepare for tests.

I accept late assignments but they will be penalized so don't procrastinate. I will not grade more than 2 late assignments!

For Your Protection:

It is your responsibility to SAVE your assignments in a folder, on your computer or another removable media.  Keep these copies in a safe place until you have received your final grade.

Student Disabilities:
Students with disabilities who believe they may need accommodations are encouraged to contact the Disability Resource Center, KSC-Building -119, 602.787.7170.

Grading Information



You will receive 60% for completing the example in class. 70 to 80% for improving upon the assignment in class. 90 to 100% for a completely new demonstration of that concept.

Your homework is not late until I finish grading the class.

I accept late assignments but I won't grade it until the end of the semester. You will receive only 70% of the grade you would have received if you turned the work in on time!



W3schools    Adobe TV    Youtube     Code Academy    Khan Academy    Planet Photoshop    W3C     Cnet     Wikipedia




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