Class 8 Notes for E-commerce

Learning Objectives:

You will be able to find a hosting Service.

You will be able to identify considerations when selecting a Hosting Service

Homework: Web Servers

Read: Chapters Book III (Chap 4).

Your Web Hosting Service Can Make the Difference Between Success and Failure so don't be penny wise and pound foolish when selecting a hosting service. Free or very inexpesive is usually a trap!

Review: informative article about selecting a Web Hosting company.

Check the claims of hosting services uptime using Netcraft Web server Survey.


Hosting Service Review (post in Canvas):

You should review 3 host services and recommend one (tell me why)!
A good format is to put the info in a table!

Web Host


(setup / month)


Marketing Services

Technical Support

Objectionable Content Allowed?

Disaster Recovery

Host’s pages loading speed


Server Resources

Host 1 Name

Price info info info Yes / No info info info info
Host 2 Name Price info info info Yes / No info info info info
Host 3 Name Price info info info Yes / No info info info info

You should also use the questions you should ask (below) and you might want to use one of these Biggiweb (local), BlueHost, Amazon or Go Daddy

Topics Covered:

Technology Review 50 Disruptive Companies!


Questions you should ask before selecting a hosting service!

1. How will the Web Hosting service help promote (market) your site?

2. What type of technical support does the Hosting service offer (Chat, Email, Phone) and is the support 24 / 7?

3. Does the Web Hosting service host sites that may be objectionable to your customers?

Will associating with these pages cause your company any harm?

Will the traffic to the site tie up your site?

4. What is the hosting service disaster recovery provisions?

5. How fast do the Host's own pages download? (This gives you insight into the Hosting services bandwidth capability or you can use Cnet's Bandwidth meter)

What is the bandwidth capability of your prospective Web host?

You need to know how much data they currently transfer and their peak transfer times.

Consider the web host's plans for expanding its bandwidth capabilities.

The type of data line connections the service uses can determine the bandwidth capabilities of a web hosting service. Obviously, the faster the data line, the more the web host pays for the connection.

6. What server resources are available and do they cost extra?

Does the server offer data encryption for credit card transactions?

Does the server support the creation of server-generated files created by CGI (Common Gateway Interface) scripts or database created ASP (Automatic Server Pages) or PHP?

Domain Name costs or Unlimited Domain Hosting?

Does the site have monthly Bandwidth or Space Limits?

  • Unlimited GB Hosting Space?

  • Unlimited GB File Transfer?

  • Extra cost for faster service?

Does the server support Blogs or CMS systems and if so which?

7. What type of servers do they offer (Apache or IIS or ?)

Hosting Services




Go Daddy - they do offer hosting and employ several of my students but becareful of additional fees they charge.



Hosting, Bandwidth, ASP, PHP,CMS, and Gateway


Final Step:

Review in your mind everything we covered in class and remember to cover it again before you go to bed so your mind to process this information while you sleep.