Class 7 Notes for E-commerce

Learning Objectives:

You will be able describe how to improve Usability for a website.

You will be able identify the components of good web design.

Homework: Web Design

Read: Book III Chapters 2-3 & 5

Review: my Web Design Advice is to Keep it Simple and Special (KISS) Your should review this Web Site

Review: Joyce did a good job documenting the design process plus she found a great newsletter called Design like an expert


Review: What happens when you have a bad web page design!


Post: Site Layout with Sample pages
(post in Canvas):


Reminder: Post your articles on Canvas under the Weekly Articles on the Discussion Board Section.


Topics Covered:

Phoenix Startup Week!

Web Design Considerations.

You should build Stickiness into your site (example: Flash Tarot or iTunes)

You need to use Color Theory & software to help you decided on colors. Design by Joyce's Colors Tables can help you decide on a color scheme..


Web Usability: The art and science of making a Websites easy to use!

Top 10 mistakes of Shopping Cart design (Usability)

The Best way to find out if your site is usable is to have a focus group (comprised of customers) look for your product and the information you want them to find.

US Government has a great tutorial on usability and accessibility.

Web Usability Companies you can hire are 37signals, Clicktracks, and Jakob Nielsen's



Usability, Focus Groups, Color Theory, Design Theory


Final Step:

Review in your mind everything we covered in class and remember to cover it again before you go to bed so your mind to process this information while you sleep.