Class 13 Notes for E-Commerce

Learning Objectives:

You will be able identify the benifits of CRM.

You will be able identify the tools to improve CRM.

You will be able identify legal issues that impact E-commerce.


You need to include a CRM compnent in your Marketing Plan

Read: Chapter 8 & 12

Review: The benifits of Good CRM

Critical Areas for Internet Business:

Review: The Privacy Statement Generator and what should include in a privacy statement

Review: The services that Legal Zoom has a to offer an online business

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Topics Covered:

Customer Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Keeping customers happy is very important to any business but it is critical to Online business. There are various tools that will be able to track current and future customer interaction.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) definition by Wikipedia

The benifits of Good CRM

Tools for CRM:

Constant Contact


CIO article about different Ways to Improve Your Company's CRM system



Legal Issues of Online Business:

Pricacy Statement Generator and what should include in a privacy statement

The job is not done until the legal paperwork is done. Legal Zoom has a lot of the paperwork

The US Government has setup a site for The site has a section dedicated to Internet businesses and Law

FTC Federal Trade Commission is a starting point for rules and regulations of online business.

Consumer Protection (FTC) and Consumer Product Safety Commission rules will also apply

US Business Advisor Office and Dept of Commerce are also great resources for doing business in the US.

Thomas Guide, House of Representatives Internet Law Library, are sites that will help you keep abreast of new laws that could impact your business

ICANN Domain Name God! (ICANN Watch Website)


Copyright Protection

Respecting Copyright is a must, Remember: Napster!!

Copyright Website is a great primer for Copyright issues.

United States Copyright Office and Copyright Clearance Center are sites you should visit if you think you may have a copyright issue.

US Patent Office

Keeping up with the Hackers

Hold your data in encrypted storage!

Gaps in the Cyber Law and NPR's Cyber Insecurity:

US Government Cyber Crime info


The Best computer security you can have is common sense!

Biometric methods are one way to confirm the identity of users of your computers

Protect your password (don't give it to anyone)

Use a firewall on your network.

Update your Computers's Operating System with the latest patches
and use virus protection plus update your software regularly!

SSL to create a secure connection for transport of sensitive information over the Web


Report attacks and check for the latest attempts on computer systems

CERT® Coordination Center Carnegie Mellon University's Computer Emergency Response Team

CSRC Computer Security Resource Center

Forester Research Research into markets and Cyber-trends (Crime included)

Internet Hoaxes cause problems for business. Semantic has a page dedicated to hoaxes as does



Privacy, Spam, Identity Theft, Copyright Protection, Trademark, Firewall, Patches, Cryptography, Public Key Encryption, PGP, Virus Types: Trojan Horse, Worm


Final Step:

Review in your mind everything we covered in class and remember to cover it again before you go to bed so your mind to process this information while you sleep.