Class 1 Notes for E-commerce

Shopping Online

Learning Objectives:

You will be able to post on Discussion Board inside Canvas.

You will be able to describe what is E-commerce.

You will be able to aproximate how much money is spent on online sales.



Introduction to the Class:

This class is in Hybrid Mode which means we will meet only 8 times but will be covering the same content we would normally cover in 16 weeks. The remaining part of the week you will be required to cover the content of the class on your own. This Syllabus is subject to change depending upon how the class goes. I will give you advance notice to any changes in the timing of the class.

Please note the steep learning curve for this class. It is okay to feel overwhelmed at times!

Please note the best way to contact me is via Email! During the week, my goal for returning email is 24 hours and on the weekend my goal is 48 hours

The Learning Support System has tutors for computer classes and the PVCC Library has research tutorials and Ask a Librarian 24/7 Chat Line for help with research.

You will be posting your homework to Canvas and using it to check your grades.

The Canvas Student Guide has tutorials that will help you post on their discussion board and assignments. Youtube also has Video Tutorials.

For Canvas and other technical assistance, contact:
PVCC Help Desk 602.787.7780  -
Canvas 24x7 Toll Free Support: 1-888-994-4433

Go to Canvas and introduce yourself by posting on the Discussion Board under Please Introduce Yourself.

Go to Student Email - Forward to an email account you read on a regular basis.


Compile a List of Resources that you think will help you setup your Online business. You should post at least 10 resources on Canvas under the Resources on the Discussion Section.

Get accounts: on Wix and

You must Post at least one article that deals with the Internet, e-commerce, web design or general business Every Week on Canvas under the Weekly Articles on the Discussion Board Section.

Review the e-commerce PowerPoint and then post on the Discussion Board your definition of what e-commerce is and how it relates to your business.

Read: The Books Intro

You will be posting your Final Project to my server or you must give me the URL of the server you will be using. Your Final Project must be a complete website with a shopping cart!

Reminder: Post your articles on Canvas under the Weekly Articles on the Discussion Board Section.

Topics Covered:




How much money is being spent Online?






What is E-commerce?

Review the presentation E-commerce PowerPoint.


HTML Review

You should have a basic understanding of HTML from CIS133DA. You can refresh your memory from the following sites

W3 Schools HTML and Code academy have a great tutorials on HTML and CSS


E-commerce, HTML 5, CSS, JQuery, Canvas, Weekly Review


Final Step:

Review in your mind everything we covered in class and remember to cover it again before you go to bed so your mind to process this information while you sleep.