Homework for CIS233

You must post all your homework on the Web!
Your homework has to be linked to your homework page for credit.

Web Resources:

Find as many resources (Books, Websites, Magazines and TV Shows) that will help you "Keep up to speed" in class. You should be able to find at least one page full of resources. (The more resources you find, the better the grade.) C|net Central and Builder.com and Webmonkey are examples of Web sites. Post on Canvas under Resources.


Fake Resume:

Create a an Online resume. Use this to show off your HTML and CSS skills. You will be graded on the layout and links to other site. Remember, this will show me your HTML skills that you learned in CIS133.


Responsive Website:

Using an HTML Editor or Framework , I want you to create a responsive website that consists of at least 4 pages. Make sure to use good design principles. Include pictures and links to the outside world. Remember: The design must be valid and responsive.


Original Graphics:

Use a photo editor to create three original graphics or modify three existing graphics. Use Light box to show the original and the new version of the graphic.

If you create a new graphic, have a placeholder graphic that says new or original graphic. If you modify a graphic, make sure your show me the original graphic and the final graphic.


Project Plan:

Follow the Proposal outline covered in class. You should use PowerPoint and save the presentation as HTML. Make sure you answer all the questions and estimate how much time you will spend creating the project.


Forms Page:

Create a form page that sells a product. Make sure the page has several input methods. You must post to a shopping cart: (Mal's commerce or PayPal.)



Create an animation using Flash or HTML 5. A simple animation is fine.


Drop Down & Rollover:

Add a JavaScript to a page so you can increase the page's interactivity. You must include a drop down menu (changing Font Size is an example) and a table (or div) section that changes when you rollover the content.



Create a web page that is dynamically created from a database that links to a shopping cart, The page can link to the same cart you used in the forms page. You should have at least 8 products.



Take an existing Website or create your own site and convert it into an APP using Dreamweaver, JQuerry and PhoneGap.

Final Project:

Your final project needs to be a complete website. You should have at least four web pages that link together. You must follow all the rules for good design I identify during the semester. I would prefer your site to be a real business or a business you want to start. You will learn more from a real world project.

Final Project must be validated

Be sure to include the Validation Icon & Link on your page!!













Final Step:

Review in your mind everything we covered in class and remember to cover it again before you go to bed so your mind to process this information while you sleep.