Class 8 Notes for Web Publishing II

Topics Covered:

Codecademy has great tutorials on HTML and PHP

Dynamic (Database Generated) Sites or "Creating Web pages on the Fly"

PhpED Editor that is very easy to use but we will be using Dreamweaver or Notepad ++

dynamic pages

Adobe's (Tutorial and Software) or Stanford's Dreamweaver Tutorial or the Tutorial inside Dreamweaver.


Amazon.Com and MyYahoo are two examples of Dynamic Web sites that are created on demand by accessing a database and template.





We will be using a MySQL database with a table

Dreamweaver CSS

PHP: Pre-Hypertext Preprocessor

PHP Declaration  
echo "PHP Code goes here";
Code block can start anywhere
PHP Variable Declaration  
$txt="I love PHP";

All variables in PHP start with a
$ sign symbol and then must have a letter or an underscore

PHP Echo  
echo "Displaying PHP text"; echo displays on the screen instead of document.write() for Javascript


Dreamweaver use to have a great Wizard for connecting a database using PHP and ASP


Create a Table with the following Fields:

Table Setup
Field Name Description of Field
PNumber for Part Number limit the field to 20 Text characters
Pname for Product Name limit the field to 50 Text characters
Pdescribe for Product Description limit the field to 250 Text characters
Pgraphic for file name of graphic limit the field to 100 Text characters
Price for Price of product limit the field to 10 Text characters

Fill in at least 4 Records!



PHP, ASP, MySql, Databases, Fields



Final Step:

Review in your mind everything we covered in class and remember to cover it again before you go to bed so your mind to process this information while you sleep.