Class 7 Notes for Web Publishing II

design of siteTopics Covered:

How much to Charge for HTML or from Design Quote

Track your time with Paymo free service


My Web design Advice is to Keep it Simple and Special (KISS) plus know your audience

SEO Rap (Design Coding)

Joyce's Planning Website and my check list for planning!

Meaning of Color is important and you need to setup a Color Scheme for your site

Good Web design is based upon two factors: Usability and Design Principles

Web Design Principles Check list and the 5 Basic things your site should have. If 5 is too many, 4 Steps to a Website Layout That Works!

Web Design Library has a great article on Simple Steps for Web design

The Government has a great site about Usability


Flash is dead but Animate is the new Flash!

Google has an HTML 5 option for Flash called Web Designer

Cool Flash Animation and Stickiness with Flash Tarot

Find your Favorite Flash animation, post the address on blackboard and tell me why you like it!

(Pulitzer Prize Flash Cartoon, The Simpson's, Strong Bad and President)

We will be covering Flash this Class. (We offer a semester long course CIS120DC Flash)

The Best Flash Animation Sites and E-cards

Cool Animations: The Simpson's, Three Brains, Strong Bad and Switch Lynx

We will use Suns Pictures for our Flash animation.

Frames and Key Frames. Key Frame means Change!


Empty Key Frames are hollow circles and that layer has no content at that point in the time line.


Tweening: Letting Flash figure out the position of an object.


Time line turns blue between the key frames


Shape Tweening: The objects must be broken apart (no grouping.)

Shape Tween

Time line turns Green between the key frames


Motion Tweening: The object must be converted into a symbol before you can tween.

Motion Tween

The whole Time line turns blue

Youtube Flash tutorials

Adobe or use the Tutorials built into Flash!

Or pay for



Animation, Flash, Layers, Frames, Key Frame, Tweening


You should be reading Chapter 14 in your Dreamweaver book.

Final Step:

Review in your mind everything we covered in class and remember to cover it again before you go to bed so your mind to process this information while you sleep.