Homework Notes for CIS133

All of your homework will be posted on the Web or on Canvas

Web Resources:

Find as many resources from Books, Website's, Magazines and TV Shows that will help you "Keep up to speed" in class. You should be able to find at least 10 different resources. (The more resources you find, the better the grade.) C|net Central and Builder.com and Webmonkey are examples of the type of sites you should be looking for. Post this information on Canvas. Make sure to tell me what type of info is on these resources.

Browser Review:

Review 3 Different Browsers and include a graphic of the browser plus a link to its site on the internet. Compare and contrast the browsers and be sure to make a recommendation plus justify why you choose that browser.

Website Review:

Find two Websites. One that you consider bad and one you consider to be excellent. I want a picture of the site, link and you need to tell me why you categorized them as being good or bad. You must be explicit as to why!

HTML Editor Review:

Review 3 HTML Editors. I want a picture of the editor, link to where you can download the product and you need to tell me why you choose one Editor over the rest. Compare and contrast the Editors and be sure to make a recommendation as to which one you choose.

Fake Resume:

Create a Fake resume (simple webpage) with links (to fake work sites) and a picture (of this fake person). This is page should use your new HTML skills in layout and should be at least one page.

Movie Review:

Rent, Buy or Borrow (Library or Friend) one of these movies: Ex Machina, HER, The Net, The Terminator series, Hackers, Sneakers, You've Got Mail, Avatar or ... I want a picture from the movie, link to where to find the movie (website or IMDB or Amazon.) Please include on your movie page how realistic the movie was and tell me if something like this could happen in real life!

Simple Website:

Create several webpages that "show off" your HTML layout skills. This page should have graphics, external links and links to internal pages. You will need at least three pages.

Favorite Graphics Page:

This Webpage will hold at least 3 graphics you modified from the web or created. Use a photo editor to make sure the graphics on the page are web appropriate (file size and dimensions.) Pay attention to the layout of the graphics on this page!!!

Info Form Page:

Create a form using several of the form objects shown in class. You should be trying to sell something with the form!

Dreamweaver Page:

Create at Least one Webpage that will "show off" your ability to use Dreamweaver (or another HTML editor) to create a Webpage. You can use a template but please let me know if you do!

Final Website:

Your final project needs to be a complete website. You should have at least four web pages that link together. You must follow all the rules for good design I identify during the semester. I would prefer your site to be a real business or a business you want to start. You will learn more from a real world project. You can use Dreamweaver if you want!

Final Project must be validated

Be sure to include the Validation Icon & Link on your page!!



HTML Valid