Class Note 12 for Internet Web Publishing I

Learning Objectives:

You will be able to identify how simple encryption works

You will be able to identify what makes a good password

You will be able to identify at least two different methods of confirming identity



Review: Different Biometrics methods of confirming identity. (voice, finger print, DNA, Eye)

Review: Encryption Methods

Review: Phishing and Pharming security risks.

Watch: The Cyber attacks has identified

Watch: DDoS attacks explaned

Watch: The Spoof on Biometric methods of confirming identity from Monsters vs Aliens

Topics Covered:

Final Project must be validated!

Be sure to include the Validation Icon & Link on your page!!

Check your final project on several browsers at once with Modern.IE screen-shot.


30 pts Extra Credit for everyone who can crack my encrypted message in 10 minutes

Encrypted messages keeps a nations secrets especially in war

American Code Talkers

The German Enigma Machine turned the tide of the War. The Imitation Game is a movie about Alan Turing who helped crack the Enigma Machine


Phishing website info


Richard Clark & I agree on CyberSecurity

Funny Video on Hacking in the 90s

Gaps in the Cyber Law and NPR's Cyber Insecurity:

US Government Cyber Crime info

Leaking of Sensitive Information (Wikileaks)

CIA was hacked and these are some of the tools they lost.

Computer Security, and FBI Cyber Crimes


Advice for Password Security from the BBC

The Best computer security you can have is common sense!

Protect your password (20 worst passwords plus don't give your password to anyone), 
use a firewall on your network, update your Computers's Operating System with the latest patches and use virus protection plus update your software regularly!

SSL allow you to create a secure connection for transport of information over shttp.

Hold your data in encrypted storage!

Encryption Methods: Cryptography, Public Key Encryption

Report attacks and check for the latest attempts on computer systems

CERT® Coordination Center Carnegie Mellon University's Computer Emergency Response Team

CSRC Computer Security Resource Center

Internet Hoaxes cause problems for business. Semantic has a page dedicated to hoaxes as does

Find Good Charities to make sure your idenity is not stolen

Have someone else in the class review your website using our notes on Good Web design


Encryption Methods:


Public Key Encryption


Biometrics: Using characteristics of your body (voice, finger print, DNA, Eye) for authentication.

Phishing and Pharming is a popular security risk.


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