Class 9 Notes for Photoshop

Learning Objectives:

You will be able to merge several pictures using Photomerge

You will be able to create a unique picture from parts of several different pictures.

You will be able to identify what the Golden Ratio.


Read: Chapter 10 in your book and doing the assignments at the end of the chapter.

Watch: Golden Mean or Golden Ratio videos

Golden Ratio


Golden Ratio (Phi) is a naturally occurring ratio in the great works of art and construction.



Review: How did they do it? and demos

Read: 10 tricks to Photo Composition

Watch: Processing a Batch of files

Remember KISS: Keep it Simple and Special

Work on Solar System Assignments

Topics Covered:

Opacity vs Fill - Opacity takes the whole layer while Fill lowers the fill of the object but keeps everything else.

Actions and image processing Tutorial shows you automate a very repetitive process. You can record your own custom action using the actions panel.

This action allows you to make a cartoon out a drawing. You can download actions off the web.

Droplet is an action that acts outside of Photoshop! (Thanks Murat!)

Photomerge allows you to create panoramas. File > Automate > Photomerge

Paris Trip Merge 4 photographs: Go to Student Data Drive

Merge Space Ships. Tardis, Galactica, Enterprise A & D versions



Create a Space Composition using any of the following Mars, Tardis, space, scifi planets and the Planets of our solar system.

Sample of how to create a composition


Golden Mean or Golden Ratio, Composition, Photomerge, Actions


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