Class 5 Notes for Photoshop

Learning Objectives:

You will be able apply a Blend Mode to a layers on a picture.

You will be able to identify the different Blend Modes available to new layers.



You should be reading >Chapter 5 in your book and doing the assinments at the end of the chapter.

Read: Blendmodes description by Adobe

Watch: Blending example video

Watch: Photoshop Camera Raw Tutorial video

Watch: Photoshop Ad Color video


Practice Assignment: Colorization

Change this Patriotic Black & White Photo into Color. You will need to add 6 empty layers to your PSD to accomplish this. Follow the Colorization notes.

Gold 203-148-19 Overlay 75
Cyan 98-183-217 Color 75
Green 68-85-46 Color 100
Red 212-27-27 Color 30
Flesh 238-187-142 Color 50
Blue 22-22-193 Color 30

Post: Lion King assignment using the tools mentioned above and post on Canvas under the Assignments - Lion King


Topics Covered:

3 Major Blend Modes: Screen Multiply Overlay (Demo Graphic)

Screen: Ignores Black & makes things Lighter

Multiply: Ignores White & makes things Darker

Overlay: Increases Contrast by ignoring Gray

Navigating Blend Modes: Move Tool V and Shift + or Shift -

What is Camera Raw and the Digital Raw. (Take the photos straight out of the Camera or off the Web.) Photoshop supports the several Camera Raw formats

Camera Raw is great for making quick adjustments and rough changes (not as granular or precise as Photoshop). Lightweight and flexible way to edit your files. has a YouTube video that explains the difference.

Colorization Notes


Ruler, Camera Raw, Digital Raw, Levels & Curves


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