Class 4 Notes for Photoshop

Learning Objectives:

You will be able to create a Layer Mask to modify a picture.

You will be able to modify the layer opacity .

You will be able to add a clipping mask to text.


You should be reading Chapter 4 in your book and doing the assinments at the end of the chapter.

Watch: Layers video & Layers Tricks for beginners

Watch: Channels and selecting with Alpha Channels video.

Watch: Magnetic lasso video

Post: Planet of the Apes. assignment using the tools mentioned above and post on Canvas under the Assignments - Planet of the Apes.

Topics Covered:

Layers info

Pictures: 9/11 pictures from Google, Heart, Bunny Apple, Angie & Flag

Layers are a great way to mix pictures or to modify them.

Magnetic lasso is another way to create a selection. This video shows how to use the tool

Pay attention to layer order plus make sure you know which layer you are working on. You might consider locking layers you are no longer working on.

Picture to Pencil trick with Photoshop or another method (more complex)

Layer Styles and Clipping Masks


Layers, Opacity, Masks, Modes, Soft Light, Locking Layers



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