Class 1 Notes for Flash

Learning Objectives:

You will be able to post on Discussion Board inside Canvas.

You will be able to identify the toolbar and the stage plus different pannels

You will be able to identify different uses for Flash Animations


Read: Get Started in your book

Post: On Canvas under Discussions - Resources: Find as many resources that will help you "Keep up to speed" in class. You should be able to find at least one page full of resources. (The more resources you find, the better the grade.) W3schools and and Webmonkey are examples of the type of sites you should use.

Stressed Out

Topics Covered:

Introduction to Flash

Canvas: You will be posting your homework to Canvas and checking your grades.

Go to Student Email - Forward to an email account you read on a regular basis.


Flash Cartoonist wins Pulitzer Prize!

Is Flash Dead? (or just on the ropes) - HTML Designers Talk about Flash

The latest on Flash, Adobe is evolving Flash into HTML 5 and Stand Alone applications. Tool Bar

Flash's Flex Builder for coding is now open source with Apache Flex!

Cool Flash Animation and what a year 2009 was! Flash is being used to create Aps like Pandora!

Find your Favorite Flash animation, post the address on blackboard and tell me why you like it!

(JibJab (after effects), Bomb Saddam, The Simpsons, and Strong Bad)

Play with the toolbar, the Timeline, the stage and Flash help.


FLA (native format) vs SWF (shockwave Flash) vs EXE (Executable)
The Stage, The Timeline, Library, Tweening, Key Frame, Empty Frame, Layers and ActionScript


HTML Valid