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Dr. John Douglass - Geography Department

Ph.D., Geography, (2005), Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona. Dissertation Title: Criterion Approach to Transverse Drainages.

M.A., Geography, (1999), Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, Arizona. Thesis Title: A Late Cenozoic Landscape Evolution Study of the Eastern Grand Canyon Region.

B.S., Geography and Minor in Geology, (1997), Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, Arizona.  Senior Thesis Title: GIS and Field Based Assessment of a Class V Avalanche Event on Northern Arizona’s San Francisco Peaks, Winter 1993.



Larson, P.H., Dorn, R.I., Douglass, J., Gootee, B.F., Arrowsmith, R., (2010) Stewart Mountain Terrace: A new Salt River terrace with implications for landscape evolution of the lower Salt River Valley, Arizona. Arizona-Nevada Academy of Science  42(1): 26-36. (pdf)

Douglass, J., Meek, N., Dorn, R., and  Schmeeckle, M.W., (2009) A criteria-based methodology for determining the mechanism of transverse drainage development, with application to the southwestern USA. Geological Society of America Bulletin 121(3/4): 586-598. (pdf)

Stumpf, R., Douglass, J., Dorn, R.I. (2008) An Analysis of Student Performance Learning Desert Geomorphology Virtually Versus in the Field. Journal of Geography in Higher Education 32(3): 387-399. (pdf)

Douglass, J., and Schmeeckle, M. (2007). Analogue modeling of transverse drainage mechanisms. Geomorphology 84(1-2): 22-43. (pdf)

Douglass, J., Dorn , R.I. , and Gootee, B. (2005) A large landslide on the urban fringe of Metropolitan Phoenix, Arizona. Geomorphology, 65: 321-336. (pdf)

Dorn, R.I., Douglass, J., Ekiss, G., Trapido-Lurie, B., Comeaux, M., Mings, R., Eden, R., Davis, C., Hinde, E., (2005) Learning Geography Promotes Learning Math: Results and Implications of Arizona's GeoMath Grade K-8 Program. Journal of Geography in Higher Education(104:95-103. (pdf)

Meek, N., and Douglass, J., (2003) Lake-Overflow: An alternative hypothesis to explain Grand Canyon incision and development of the Colorado River . in Colorado River Origin and Evolution: Proceedings of a Symposium Held at Grand Canyon National Park in June, 2000: Grand Canyon Association; Grand Canyon National Park , p. 188-204. (pdf)

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