polyatomic ions

Common Polyatomic Ions

ordered according to charge and ion family

ion name ion name ion name ion name ion name
NH4+ ammonium H2PO3- dihydrogen phosphite HPO32- hydrogen phosphite PO33- phosphite P2O74- pyrophosphate
H3O+ hydronium H2PO4- dihydrogen phosphate HPO42- hydrogen phosphate PO43- phosphate
Hg22+ mercury(I) HCO3- hydrogen carbonate CO32- carbonate PO23- hypophosphite
HSO3- hydrogen sulfite SO32- sulfite AsO33- arsenite
HSO4- hydrogen sulfate SO42- sulfate AsO43- arsenate
NO2- nitrite S2O32- thiosulfate
NO3- nitrate SiO32- silicate
OH- hydroxide C22- carbide
CH3COO- acetate C2O42- oxalate
CrO2- chromite CrO42- chromate
CN- cyanide Cr2O72- dichromate
CNO- cyanate C4H4O62- tartrate
CNS- thiocyanate MoO42- molybdate
O2- superoxide O22- peroxide
MnO4- permanganate S22- disulfide
ClO- hypochlorite
ClO2- chlorite
ClO3- chlorate
ClO4- perchlorate
BrO- hypobromite
BrO2- bromite
BrO3- bromate
BrO4- perbromate
IO- hypoiodite
IO2- iodite
IO3- iodate
IO4- periodate
AlO2- aluminate
N3- azide