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Clean Paw turns poop to gold with pet waste pickup service

It happens, and when it happens Clean Paw Pet Waste Removal is there to pick it up, bag it up, and throw it out.
Allen Rosetti has been turning poop into gold and making the world a better place to step into since 2005.
“In my earliest childhood memories, I can remember wanting to own my own company,” Rosetti said . “I decided that scooping poop was the service I wanted to sell because I didn’t need a special skill or expensive equipment to start.”
However, this journey to poop and prosperity was full of sidesteps and unpleasant messes.
In his early 20s, Rosetti took a chance at being a real estate investor, but that attempt failed. He then bought a retail franchise, but that didn’t work for him either. In his early 30s he started a Web design company with a friend. That took a big dump a year later and shut down. Web design taught him some useful skills, and he went on to become a successful website developer. For a few years everything was sunshine and lollipops until it hit the fan and that company went down the pipes.
“That’s a lot of failure,” Rosetti said, “but in reality I was getting smarter every time.”
It was then that Rosetti stepped into success when he started Clean Paw Pet Waste Removal, a poop scoop service that serves Phoenix, Glendale, Surprise, Scottsdale and Paradise Valley. During the first year of business Clean Paw added 10 customers every month ; and with few expenses, the business became profitable within only a few months.
With a metal shrub rake and a special bucket that he designed, Ro setti scoops poop for the rich and poor, but the vast majority of his clients are middle class, he says.
Since dogs take in meat, what comes out can't be recycled as manure, so the remains are piled high in two garbage cans at Rosetti’s home. This holds a week's worth of work and is double-bagged to contain the odor. Eventually, it all winds up in a city landfill.
Building an empire on such soft material may be odd enough, but there are times when collecting presented unique challenges.

“Before I had employees, I did all of the work myself,” Rosetti said . “Once in a while, I’d walk into a backyard and a woman would be sunbathing. Sometimes that was uncomfortable.”
There are times when burning out your olfactory nerves can be the least of your worries.

“A pair of pit bulls tore up one of my guy’s equipment and he had to hop the fence to save his life. A few years ago, I was charged by two aggressive dogs. As I backed up, I tripped on a tree root and fell over onto my side. Fortunately, the dogs attacked my equipment, not me. I got out alright ,” said Rosetti.
Picking up what dogs leave behind, charged by angry pups, the smell, working in the heat during the summer — even those things aren't the worst part of the job. They're downright pleasant compared to the ultimate exercise in tedium.
“Hands down the very worst part of my job is one- time cleanups in rock yards, ” Rosetti said. “Some people will neglect their yards for years and then call me. The worst yard I ever cleaned took nine hours. When a rock yard has been neglected for years, there is only one efficient way to clean it. I put on latex gloves, sit down and pick up every piece by hand. I slowly move around the yard until it’s clean. That kind of work will make anybody sore. Furthermore, on cold mornings dog waste becomes as hard as a rock and it feels like pieces of ice. This can make my hands so cold they hurt. If I never did another one- time cleanup, I wouldn’t mind.”
But it's not all tough stuff for Rosetti. From an unlikely source of fertilizer, new life bloomed.

“Six months ago I started a landscaping company, CORE Landscape Management,” explains Rosetti. “I’m using the same concepts to promote that service and they are just as effective. The main difference between Clean Paw and CORE is that the landscaping company has the potential to become many times larger.”
With a life like Rosetti's, a man can learn a lot when his days are spent with a lump of dog poop in his hand.

“If I had to give one piece of advice to young people, it’s that selling is 90 percent of becoming a successful entrepreneur ,” said Rosetti. “That means different things to different people. For me that’s building a website and a brand. For other people that might mean face- to-face sales. But whatever route you take, you need to know how to make the phone ring. Good sales aren’t about manipulation or exploitation. Good sales are about teaching customers the things you know and helping them get what they need.”
If you want a pretty yard and to step outside and breathe the sweet smelling air of orange blossoms and grass, you can reach Clean Paw Pet Waste Removal at www.cleanpaw.com, call them at 623-385-9095, or e mail them at cs@cleanpaw.com. Rates range from $29 for every other week pickup, to $88 for twice a week removal, and an extra $9 for every additional dog.