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Green Solutions:
Vinegar replaces toxic cleansers

vinegar in a spray bottle
Photo byMcKenna Skaggs

Are those potent fumes from cleaning products going to your head? Why should consumers be forced to buy toxic clean ers that are not only harmful for the environment, but to their families as well? The solution is right on your pantry shelf.

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Green Solutions:
Carrot Cake Cream
gently moisturizes skin


McKenna Showing off Carrot Cream
Photo by McKenna Skaggs

This carrot cleansing cream both sounds and smells delicious.

Who said all skin care products have to smell like intense cleaning fumes? Well in Julie Gabriel’s Green Beauty Guide, they don’t have to. This book is great! It is a collection filled with all sorts of different natural beauty remedies. Everything from hair treatments to lip balm. One of the tastiest recipes is the carrot cake cleansing cream. The carrot cake cleansing cream not only sounds absolutely delicious, but it is also a terrific light, soothing moisturizer. This cleansing cream will leave your skin refreshed and “gunk” free with an added familiar Easter scent of carrot cake.

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sessions offered
around the corner

Dirty Yoga
Photo by Ashley Burns
A gaggle of "yogis" engage in the Downward Dog Split. They stretch their muscles while trying to avoid toppling over.

Every Saturday morning at 10 a.m. and Wednesday night at 6 p.m., Grovers Park at Bell road and 20th Street is the place to be for young aspiring yogis.
Paradise Valley Community College student, Dana Arbel, 24, and her friend Ashley Burns, 23, teach a donation-based yoga class they call DIRTYOGA free to the public. Arbel is a certified yoga instructor, taught by Dave and Cheryl Oliver at Urban Yoga on Central Avenue in Phoenix Arizona. At PVCC she is pursuing her dream of earning her doctorate in physical therapy. Burns is in the middle of getting her yoga teaching certificate at the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts.

Green Solutions: Natural beauty remedies reduce risk of tumors

Photo by
McKenna Skaggs
The oatmeal onion mask is a new twist to an old remedy.

What most college students fail to realize is how toxic some of the celebrity endorsed skin care products that they get tricked into using are and how easy it is to make their own.

“Green Beauty Guide’s” onion oatmeal mask
is used as an anti-inflammatory preventing collagen in acne scars making the scars seem less visible. The oatmeal seeps into the skin clearing out clogged pores and eliminating excess dirt and oil.

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New gluten-free bakery
opens in Anthem

Sara Cwik and Candice Fulton of Anthem, Ariz. teamed up, not only as best friends, but as bakers to change the definition of boring and bland gluten-free baked goods to delicious and tasty ones. In November 2011, they started a gluten- free bakery called Magically Gluten Free, located in Anthem, Ariz.

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HOSA hosts Desert Awareness: Medicinal plants and their magical powers

Photo by Shelley Handley

On Saturday, Jan. 25, Students in the Paradise Valley Community College’s HOSA association hosted Desert Edibles and Medicinals at Cave Creek’s Desert Awareness Park located one block north of Cave Creek Road on Vermeersch Road.
Educator and author Diane Vaszily, a Desert Awareness Park volunteer, led HOSA students through the desert, identifying the medicinal plants of Cave Creek.

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Yoga, Pilates differ in style, history and results

Photo byMcKenna Skaggs
Celebrities swear by them, doctors recommend taking them, and young people everywhere are trying them. For years, people have been raving about yoga and Pilates classes, saying both show amazing results. But how do you choose which class to take? On the surface these two techniques look the same, but when examined closely, it is clear that they are not.

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Wellness breakout warns students about dangers of obesity

The Wellness Breakout session led by Paradise Valley Community College nutritionist Beth Farnsworth described six behaviors of keeping a lower body weight along with warnings of what fast food merchants do that increases obesity.

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Genetically modified foods an unlabeled health risk?


Illustration by Bradley Leyden

Ever wonder what exactly is in the food we put into our bodies? While biting into that chuck of golden sweet papaya, ever think that there could be more in it than just sweet juices and seeds? What if you found out that that delicious papaya was genetically modified in a lab by a group of scientists and was constructed of other DNA besides that of a regular papaya? GMO’s, “genetically modified organisms,” are plants or animals created through genetic engineering by biotechnology companies.

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Preventing flu as easy
as raiding fridge

Runny noses, sweaty palms, piercing tension headaches  are all part of becoming prey to the viruses that cause seasonal influenza or the flu.
There is no denying that the number of flu cases has been on the rise this year. According to the Center for Disease Control, there has been a total of 7,624 cases in the state of Arizona in the last year. The flu can be caught when the body is weak from lack of sleep and a poor diet.
Believe it or not, having a non-nutritious diet can be more harmful then people are led to believe. Dr. William Kellas has a Ph.D in nutritional biochemistry and as the founder of The Center for Advanced Medicine in Encinitas California is a firm supporter of a healthy diet. Kellas states on his website that, “everything you eat will either strengthen or weaken your immune system, so nutrition is the key to its efficient function.