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PVCC faculty running for District 3 seat in upcoming election

reyes medrano
Photo by Nikki Charnstrom
After 27 years as at PVCC, Reyes Medreno is now pursuing a seat in District 3, hoping to make positive changes in the district.

Dedicated to the Maricopa County Community College District for 30 years, retired Paradise Valley Community College Business IT faculty, Reyes Medrano, is running for the District 3 position of the MCCCD Governing Board.
Medrano first entered the District in 1967 as a student at Glendale Community College, then in 1975 became an employee of the District as manager of the Financial Aid Department, and finally in 1984 started as a faculty member at GCC. Although recently retired from PVCC as of January 2014, Medrano is currently teaching business courses at the college as an adjunct faculty member.
“This has been home to me,” Medrano says of the District.
In need of 1,000 signatures by Aug. 26 of this year, Medrano is aiming to get on the ballot by the deadline. The elections for the three open seats of Districts 3, 4 and 5 will take place on Nov. 4. If elected, he will serve a four-year term, representing District 3 starting in January 2015. According to Medrano, the basic role of a board member is to set the direction of the district through policies and directives established at the board level.
“I care very much about the District and the direction that it takes,” says Medrano.
He believes that education is a human right and hopes to bring students both an affordable and quality education if elected. According to Medrano, his focus is heavily student-oriented to ensure both community and student success. He claims that this has been his life philosophy.
If Medrano receives this position, he says it would mean he would hope to have the opportunity to contribute to the success of students.
Medrano is receiving much support for the endeavor from his colleagues at PVCC, volunteers and donations. He says he believes that the faculty and staff district wide are among the best.
James Patterson, PVCC CIS and business IT faculty, worked with Medrano for 14 years.
Speaking of Medrano, Patterson says, “He will have students and the college’s best interests at heart if elected to this board position.”

Medrano believes that the District needs to look for funding sources that will make connections with business sectors. He feels a smooth transition from the college environment to the business world is lacking.

“I think it’s critical that we start putting out a highly-skilled workforce,” he says.