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PVCC grad, Telemundo editor
dreams of CNN

casey padilla
Photo by Jonathan Meade

Pamela Padilla, the web editor for Telemundo Dallas and a 2010 graduate of Paradise Valley Community College, manages the online content for the Dallas-area hub of Telemundo, a Spanish-language television network owned by NBCUniversal. She landed the job in January after graduating from ASU’s Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication in 2012.

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Vice chancellor discusses tuition increase

On April 8, a representative from Maricopa County Community Colleges District met with PVCC’s Student Government to discuss the proposed $5 increase in resident tuition for the academic year 2014-15.
Associate vice chancellor for business, Gaye Murphy, presented MCCCD’s fiscal budget for the upcoming year and explained the District’s priorities

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Students attend forum
to discuss state issues

On April 16, from 3 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. in the Kranitz Student Center’s Patayan Community Room at Paradise Valley Community College, 32 student leaders from Arizona’s various universities, colleges and high schools met to discuss “Arizona’s Vulnerable Populations.” 

Arizona Town Hall partnered with Arizona State University and Maricopa Community Colleges to produce the Future Leaders Townhall. The event brought students into a larger statewide process to examine critical state issues, express diverse perspectives, create solutions and suggest effective strategies that will positively impact Arizona and support social changes.
Arizona Town Hall (ATH) is a private nonprofit civic organization that has been serving the citizen’s of Arizona for more than 50 years.  Overseeing organizational operations are 62 board members from Arizona’s 15 counties.  Using data-based analytics, community

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Phoenix Pride,
more than just festival, parade


Phoenix’s first Pride march took place in 1981 as a statement that LGBT people existed in the city. Since then, Pride has grown to include more than a statement.

What many may not realize is that Pride and the Rainbow  celebrations of diversity are more than just parties, they also act as fund raisers.

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Clean Paw turns poop to gold
with pet waste pickup service

It happens, and when it happens Clean Paw Pet Waste Removal is there to pick it up, bag it up, and throw it out.
Allen Rosetti has been turning poop into gold and making the world a better place to step into since 2005.
“In my earliest childhood memories, I can remember wanting to own my own company,” Rosetti said . “I decided that scooping poop was the service I wanted to sell because I didn’t need a special skill or expensive equipment to start.”
However, this journey to poop and prosperity was full of sidesteps and unpleasant messes.

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MCCCD evaluates program efficiency

The Maricopa Priorities Initiative began to unfold in the Maricopa County Community College District in Fall 2013.
This initiative is an elaborate process of evaluation of services and programs offered throughout the Maricopa Community College District. At the end of the project, the District should know how to better distribute funds to improve, sustain and build upon academics and student services.

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Financial Aid deadlines ahead

With the financial aid priority deadline of March 1 rapidly approaching, Paradise Valley Community College's Financial Aid department has created a set of workshops and awareness events to help students get started on the process of financing their college education .

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bill sandberg
Reprinted with permission from Arizona Highways

If you browsed the pages of the September issue of Arizona Highways, the state travel magazine operated by the Arizona Department of Transportation, you might have seen a two-page spread about a legally blind photographer on a wildlife photo shoot with Arizona Highways contributor Bruce Taubert.
The spread told the story of Bill Sandburg, a Paradise Valley Community College alumnus who studied photography at PVCC with faculty member Jerry Sieve for two years. The article, which included one of the Sandburg’s shots of a monarch butterfly, was the realization of the New York-native’s longtime dream of getting a photo in Arizona Highways.
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AZ Republic hires former
Puma editor

matthew casey
Photo byTony Grandlienard

If you’ve read any breaking news in the Arizona Republic lately, there’s a good chance you’ve seen Paradise Valley Community College graduate Matthew Casey’s byline.

Casey is three months into his new job as a reporter at the Valley paper. During the week, he covers public-safety in the West Valley— think cops, fire and courtrooms—but on the weekend he covers breaking news from the downtown office of the Republic, the state’s largest newspaper.

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PVCC and Fresh Start team up
to offer small business certificate

Paradise Valley Community College and Fresh Start Women's Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to the education and empowerment of women, have teamed up to provide a yearlong certificate opportunity for women interested in creating their own small businesses.
The subjects in this certificate include marketing, customer service, finance, e-business, managing employees. The certificate concludes with a capstone class where students complete their business plans. The only pre-requisite is a desire to be a small business owner, and the classes provide the rest.

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KJZZ manager discusses working
for MCCCD, being NPR member

If you tune in to the award-winning news and programs of local National Public Radio member station KJZZ 91.5 FM, you will likely hear a line spoken between reports by one of the station’s velvet voiced hosts: “KJZZ is a service of Rio Salado College, and Maricopa Community Colleges.”
With a connection to a brand as strong as NPR, which distributes hit programs across the country like “A Prairie Home Companion,” “Fresh Air,” with Terry Gross, and “This American Life”—just what is MCCCD’s role was in bringing distinguished NPR programs and outstanding local news coverage to the Valley?

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M.E.N. host's panel: Students debate beauty, wealth, power

mens panel
Photo by Shelley Handley

The Male Empowerment Network from Paradise Valley Community College hosted their biannual student open panel discussion on March 6th, discussing questions about wealth, status, power and beauty.

Approximately 60 students and faculty attended the event to discuss questions such as “Does wealth mean someone has power?” The students and faculty chosen to be on the panel were Vanessa Lemmon, Britney Corbitt, Phil Hart, Warren Brookson, Ashley Goddard and Anthony Anderson, with Tony de’Shay leading the open discussion. The social event encouraged students not to back down from their beliefs and to give their honest opinions on the questions that were asked.

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Nose-out parking, smoking punishable offences at PVCC


Jacob Tuerschman finds the sweet parking space on campus. He pulls in, and pulls through so he's parked nose out. He trots off to class thinking when it's over, he'll just pull out and leave. When the Paradise Valley Community College student comes back to his car, he finds a warning from campus security under his wiper.
Parking nose-out in a slanted space is just one of the campus offenses that will win you a warning, ticket, fine, or even expulsion if you keep doing it.
PVCC Public Safety officer Scott Meek provided a list of the traffic offenses that will cause you to get a ticket. The priciest infractions are displaying an altered or substituted parking permit, falsifying information on a registration application, parking in a fire lane and nabbing a handicapped parking space when you most certainly do not need one. Any one of those will get you a $50 fine.

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PVCC astronomers plan new home for campus telescope,

pvcc telescope
Photo by Jeremy List

On a dark night, Paradise Valley Community College faculty and students can peel back the white dome between the G and LS buildings. Using a computer, these astronomers can train an unblinking eye deep into space at objects invisible to the naked eye. 

Hours pass as night’s bright specks do a slow waltz across the sky. The expensive curved mirror and lens of the PVCC Physics and Astronomy Department’s telescope are designed to dance with the stars, moving slowly with its targets as they drift across the sky. Eventually, the instrument will collect enough light to expose a stunning digital photograph of a hidden world.

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Campus computer thefts foiled
thanks to community tips


computer theft
PVCC Public Safetysurvellance photo

On Sept. 23, a campus-wide email was sent out detailing the thefts of four iMac Computers that got stolen on the Paradise Valley Community College Campus. The thefts took place at various locations on campus including the Center for Performing Arts, G building and M building.
It was instructors who first noticed the thefts when they saw the computer monitors missing from the instructor’s stations in the classrooms. The computers, which were cable locked, had to have been cut suspiciously with diagonal cutters and loaded into a bag.

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The new Health Insurance Marketplace established by the Affordable Care Act and Arizona’s expanded Medicaid program is now open for enrollment.

The Affordable Care Act, also known as “Obamacare,” allows Americans to select coverage and compare options at, the site of the marketplace. The site will be like shopping for a new TV or a plane ticket according to President Barack Obama’s remarks in his weekly address on Sept. 28. The site experienced glitches and bugs the first week, but fixes are being been made.

Arizona’s Medicaid program will be offered through Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS) to those who make fewer than 133 percent of the Federal Poverty Line. The program will also now be available to adults without children.

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STD now antibiotic resistant
Gonorrhea no longer an easy fix

When you think of gonorrhea, do you think of it as a health risk, or do you think of it as a minor inconvenience that can be cured with a few antibiotics?

Sorry to tell you, but if you choose the latter, well those days are coming to an end quickly. There is now a new strain of gonorrhea that is resistant to almost all known cures.

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