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Alan Tongret turns to filmmaking after retiring from PVCC

Photo courtesy
of Alan Tongret

Former Paradise Valley Community College fine arts professor, Alan Tongret, recently debuted his first feature length film, “And Paint the Sky” at PVCC’s Center for the Performing Art’s to a packed house.

“I was surprised. I didn’t expect that many people to come out,” said Tongret.

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Students, faculty, experts weigh-in
on sleepless life-cycle of undergrads

According to a survey of 150 Paradise Valley Community College students, 61 percent of currently enrolled full-time and part-time students suffer from sleep deprivation and may be at risk for acquiring sleep-related health problems, such as diminishing kinesthetic and mental acuity.

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Five ways to improve sleep, help body function, reduce stress

According to the American College Health Association, only 11 percent of students are getting enough sleep.
Sleep helps strengthen the immune system, helps maintain a healthy metabolism, allows for better memory, critical thinking and strengthens the ability to pay attention. Motor skills are also dramatically affected, as well as mood and emotions.

"Some researchers contend that a night without sleep impairs motor function and reaction time as much as driving drunk," according to an article in the Journal of Adolescent Psychiatry.

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Local comic attempts to take over Valley's comedy scene, one stage at a time

It’s Monday night at the Turf Irish Pub, which is located in the center of Phoenix, on 1st Street just south of Roosevelt. The place is about half full, which for a Monday night is considered a packed house. The patrons are a mishmash of demographics. Some are lawyers and bankers; others are ASU students, and there are even a few out- of-towners from Chicago this night, just looking for a place to grab a drink.

These factors contribute to what makes the Turf unanimously toted as the toughest room in the Valley amongst Phoenix's comedians.

The host of the Turf’s weekly open mic is current Paradise Valley Community College student, Jake Edward Tomlinson, better known in the Phoenix comedy scene as Jake Edward.

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For the 'cos'
Reality television turns fantasy
role-playing into hyped drama

Six never-ending months of crafting and planning. Two long hours spent on hair and make-up. You finally manage to wrestle into the rest of your ensemble. The wig that took a week's worth of altering and cutting fits just like it was meant to. The gloves—thankfully—fit like gloves. The detail work on the armor is perfect.

During the final touches, the memories of construction return in a flood: How nightmarish it was to sew into four layers of vinyl, the numerous cuts and burns acquired fashioning the armor, the seven blueprints you made for the prop that took four attempts to get right. But that's all right because in the end, as you take one last long look into the mirror at yourself, the accomplishment you feel makes it all worth it.

You look exactly as you'd planned. A perfect clone of Cloud from Final Fantasy VII, the character you've always wanted to portray.

You are a cosplayer.

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Schindler's list survivor recalls
holocaust experience

Alexander Bialywlos-White, a holocaust survivor and number 270 on Schindler’s list, shares his story.

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PVCC's All USA Academic Team
Honors students earn prestigious scholarship to in-state university

To continue an education it takes dedication, a dream and a strong will to make a difference in the world. Along with an application consisting of a series of questions that require answers of 250 words as well as a 500-word essay.

A panel of Honors faculty review and evaluate the applications. Five applicants are chosen to be interviewed. Each of the five candidates are called in one at a time and are not given feedback.

Oleno says, “Nothing could have prepared you for what goes on in that room.”

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Book review
Agnostic doctor takes illuminating stairway to heaven

When I first saw Dr. Eben Alexander on the Oprah Show in December 2012, I was drawn to his story by a longtime interest in near-death experiences.

Alexander's sudden illness, his week spent in a deep coma, and his surprising recovery provide's for an interesting and inspiring story. In fact his story is so amazing that I read this book in lightning speed —two days.

Alexander’s takes the reader through his childhood, his early life as a doctor and educator and then plunges the reader into the illness that changed his life for ever.

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$900,000 project creates
airy new space for ceramics program

Eight years ago this month, a fire in the Paradise Valley Community College art studio set off the building’s sprinkler system and brought fire fighters rushing to the scene. The small blaze, ignited by hot ashes from a ceramics project smoldering in a trash can, destroyed student artwork and caused expensive smoke and water damage in the M Building, where the studio was located. Nearly eight years to the day after this incident, the college has unveiled a free-standing ceramics lab in the D Building that will help prevent accidents like this in the future.
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145 seconds with the bulls
PVCC editor runs with bulls

Thump! Thump! Thump! That was the sound my heart was making as the announcer was counting down the seconds until the first wave of six bulls was released. All I could think about were the last words my father said to me in his very stern, raspy voice, “You know you could die, right?”  
Five, four, three, two, one. BANG! Off goes the shotgun. Everyone takes off, not looking back at the sound of the first wave of bulls breaking through the gate.

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