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Fallon brings ratings improvement,
fresh new look to NBC


Jimmy Fallon

On Feb. 6, Jay Leno made his final appearance as host of The Tonight Show ending his long run of nearly 22 years. The host duties were taken up by Jimmy Fallon, a Saturday Night Live alumni and host of his own late night show. Fallon started his new job on Feb. 17.
For loyal fans of both hosts, it was a bittersweet transition. The show has been moved from Los Angeles to New York City, creating a different feel for viewers: sunshine and beaches versus The Big Apple.

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Bet you can't eat one: Potato chips rule on PVCC campus

Did you know that the United States has a National Potato Chip Day?
On March 14 of every year, lovers of potato chips encourage others to eat them with every meal. If you don’t eat potato chips on that day, you are out of the league (even if you didn’t know about it).

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Turkey neck-less priceless

If you’re under 40, you can skip this story altogether. If you’re over 40: Read carefully.
As a youngster, I had beautiful skin. It was clear, porcelain-like; unmarked by acne or anything else. But eventually, Father Time and lack of hormones caught up to me at age 45. THEN it began: Cysts, age spots, moles, pimples, random “goat hairs” and WARTS—all appeared on my face. I wasn’t just alarmed, I was freaked out.

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Ask Julie
Are you Siri-ous? Husband can't take direction from female GPS

Dear Julie,

My husband is oppositional when it comes to taking directions from the female voice on the global positioning system in our car. He argues every lane change. I think he has a problem with taking directions, especially from a woman. It is so frustrating going anywhere with him. He’s driving me crazy!

Unhappy in the Hot Seat

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Meet the editor
Senior hits books and newspaper

No, you’re not seeing things: That’s me; the Grandma on campus, looking especially silly in an Oscar the Grouch get-up.

ME: Sherry White, journalism student and aspiring best-selling writer. I returned to school two years ago at age 60 to get out of the house, improve my brainpower and see what’s happening in “higher education” these days. Two out of three accomplished! Brainpower improvement is still in progress.

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AARP Alert: Grandma falls prey to double-edged malady

I have a friend ; I’ll call her Brenda for privacy’s sake. At 77, she’s been a friend for 20-plus years, but not one I talk to every day. We get together on holidays, birthdays and stay in touch through social media. And, for a grandma and great-grandma, Brenda’s relatively healthy, I thought.
She called me in December to wish me a merry Christmas and ask about my holiday plans.

“Just like last year,” I told her. “ Hanging out with the family, going to my Aunt Jeannie’s house . So, what are you doing?”
“Oh, well, I have to have an MRI the day after Christmas, so I’m not planning anything huge,” she answered.
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Finding relief when nature calls no easy task

My hubby and I love to fish. We like being outdoors and enjoying Nature.
But fishing is not without its drawbacks. Especially when Nature calls…
Usually, I insist on a fishing spot on a bank close to public restrooms. It’s kind of imperative for me—my husband, not so much. He can answer Nature’s call anytime, anywhere and he usually does. I’m much more particular. It comes with being a girl, I guess.

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Ask Julie
Editor offers dry advice for those about to take the plunge

In honor of my son’s upcoming nuptials, this month’s column is dedicated to the young and in love. Consider the following an answer in the absence of a question.

It has been said that happiness in marriage can be tied to the realization of expectations. In order to meet expectations you must first know what they are. Dig deep. Truly discover your own and your future mate’s expectations. Once you have a good grip on this knowledge, start whittling your expectations down. You might cut them in half. Then once your expectations are at a level you both agree are realistic, cut them in half again. There. That should help you eliminate a lot of disappointment.

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Near-death experience changes lazy employee's perspective

Every day health experts say laziness kills. I'm proof that being lazy WILL save your life!

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Loon Newsbriefs
Rocket cats, meat-stuffing man free to annoy in Michigan


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If you're bored, then you DESERVE to be bored,
you dull dimwit

“If you're bored, then you're boring” is an easy philosophy to live by when you don't have time to kill between classes.
There are creative ways to fend off boredom beyond the standard glue-a-dime-to-the-floor-and-see-who-tries-to-pick-it-up method.

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Ask Julie
Online quiz poor gauge
for relationship health

Dear Julie,

I recently read an article that listed 10 principles that successful couples follow. As I read, I realized (much to my dismay) that my marriage didn’t fall into the “successful” category. My husband and I have been married for over 25 years and I know our marriage has many good qualities. We differ on some things such as reading and discussing self-help articles on marriage. He hates that. I, however, enjoy the marriage quizzes and tips on how to improve. This particular test gauged our relationship at a “C” or a “B” at best. How do I accept that without feeling I am settling for (way) less than ideal?

—Pondering Successful Marriage