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'The Ballad of Downtown Jake': A collaboration of faculty artists

On March 21, the Center for Performing Arts held a staged reading of “The Ballad of Downtown Jake,” a gripping story fraught with tragedy, love and lust, and enough cool jazz to satisfy even the most demanding music enthusiast.

Categorized as “jazz opera,” “The Ballad of Downtown Jake” featured many elements typical of theatrical opera singing while simultaneously retaining the warm tones and vibrant energy characteristic of popular 1950s music.

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Seinfeld star drops in to help emcee PVCC's 'Spirit of '76'

The Paradise Valley Community College Fine & Performing Arts Division’s latest installment of musical tributes concerts, The Spirit of ’76 featured a celebrity guest appearance: former “Seinfeld” actress Heidi Swedberg.
During the concert, the ensemble of musicians, including Paradise Valley Community College Fine Arts Faculty Dr. Chris Scinto, performed pop songs released or appearing on the charts during the year 1976. At interludes between the songs, a comedic emcee posing as the singer Cher would come on stage and joke with the audience and introduce songs.

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PVCC tackles theatre production of ancient Greek comedy with modern flair

The Paradise Valley Community College theatre department’s production of “Lysistrata,” set to hit the stage this April, chronicles the story of a young Athenian woman who conspires to end the Peloponnesian War by convincing all the women of Greece to withhold sex from their husbands until a treaty is reached.

What ensues is a hilarious comedy of massive jocular proportions, complete with cross-dressing magistrates, epic cityscape skirmishes, and a battle-of-the-sexes showdown for the ages.
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Desperado film festival
Content, support thriving at annual PVCC movie event

On the evening of Friday Jan. 24, filmmakers, students and local movie buffs filtered into the Center for the Performing Arts through a tunnel of multi-colored balloons. Outside, a theater spotlight projected “Desperado Gay & Lesbian Film Festival” in large letters across the CPA building. The moviegoers were assembling to enjoy the fifth year of the Desperado LGBT Film Festival, an event dedicated to showcasing gay, lesbian, and transgendered themes in film.
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History of Asian Art class goes to Vietnam for the 2nd year

May 16, 2014 through June 4, 2014, students will be able to study abroad in Vietnam while earning college credit at Paradise Valley Community College.
David Bradley, the head of visual arts at PVCC, will be in charge of the trip. Participants will work one-on-one with students at the Quang Nam Vocational College, teaching them English in order to help them acquire jobs in the tourism industry.  There will be many visits to different museums, archeological sites, historical areas, and beautiful beaches in Hanoi, Da Nang and Hoi An, Vietnam.






Splendid charm of 'Grand Budapest Hotel' is worth checking out

AP Photo

Wes Anderson’s “Grand Budapest Hotel” was a film worth watching on the big screen. Its wonderful drama is a delight.

The film begins with a teenage girl visiting a monument to a writer in a cemetery. A book called “The Grand Budapest Hotel” is in her arms. She begins to read a chapter about a trip to the hotel in the late 1960s. The author discovers that the European alpine state is ravaged with war and poverty. He sees that the mountainside hotel, “The Grand Budapest Hotel,” had fallen on hard times. Many of the facilities a re in need of repair, and there are very few guests.

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Musical Instrument Museum's Mini Music Makers
Tots explore singing, dancing in multi-cultured music program

Inside one of the many rooms of Phoenix’s Musical Instrument Museum, parents and their toddlers dance, sing, and play drums to music from around the world.

This is a safe and fun place for parents and children to strengthen their relationships through exposure to music and global diversity.

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Rock, funk, pop and DISCO live from classic musical era
'70s come back to PVCC campus

Imagine for a minute that you are walking down the street on a busy city morning. You look around, but instead of seeing high heels and skinny jeans, you see high tops and bell bottoms. Cars driving by are playing songs from the Bee Gees and Queen. The hair is bigger and bolder and people walk with a little more attitude. Not only this, but you suddenly have the urge to start disco dancing. You are back in the 1970s.

Paradise Valley Community College hopes to pay tribute to some of the biggest and most memorable musical hits of the '70s by hosting the Spirit of ’76 concert and fundraiser. The event will take place on the weekend of Saturday March 1 at 7:30 p.m. and Sunday March 2 at 2 p.m. in the PVCC Center for the Performing Arts main theater.
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PVCC Spring 2014 Fine Arts events

Tempe class helps 'newbies' hone stand up comedy acts

Knock, knock...who's there? Comedy has come a long way since knock- knock jokes, and the Tempe Improv comedy theatre at 930 E. University Dr. in Tempe, Ariz. is proof. Since opening it's doors in 1988, the "Improv," for short, has been welcoming many comics and launching the careers of others. Big names such as David Spade, Adam Sandler and even Jerry Seinfeld have looked out from the Improv stage.

More and more newcomers are being discovered every day, and that's why the Improv offers a stand-up comedy class where you can learn what the pros do.
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