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Loving Hands Home Birth
Certified Nurse-Midwife brings personalized care home

When certified nurse-midwife Lynette Casey watched her first patient and baby go home she was deeply moved.

Years of training as a nurse and midwife in addition to her own birth experiences gives Casey a keen appreciation for the truly organic process of childbirth. She developed a deep respect for the natural condition of pregnancy and what she perceives to be the sanctity of childbirth.

Casey’s determination to provide women with personalized perinatal care including a successful, safe birth experience inspired her to create Loving Hands Home Birth, which provides well-woman care, prenatal and postnatal care, and childbirth at home.

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College students spark grassroots gathering of hundreds

Every first Friday of each month the church, City of Grace on 4th Avenue and Monroe Street in downtown Phoenix, opens its doors to thousands of young believers.

It started as only a handful of friends to play guitars together and worship, and now the group has grown up to 1,200 people and a group of 30 musicians. Drawing from diverse populations and denominations, Renew has become a gathering for people to come and grow in their relationships with God.

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Careful planning, safety tips for hiking trips can save lives

Living in the beautiful state of Arizona presents a unique opportunity to be active outdoors year-round. While the summer months can get brutally hot, an early morning hike up one of Phoenix’s beautiful mountains is a great escape from the bustle of city life. Pleasant as this all sounds, things can take a deadly turn without proper preparation before embarking on any trail. Even the best-prepared hikers can find themselves in danger quickly.

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Nothing is private
Social media broadens
societies' expectations

Use of social media is rapidly becoming a must in our society.

Facebook profiles and what students post can reflect on their reputations.

Whether it’s a status on political beliefs, a rant on race, a passed out drunk photo or a picture showing drug use, can lead to regret. Some people may think it’s “cool” to have a picture of themselves partying, but what happens when a potential employer or a university representative sees that photo?

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Conquering procrastination
Experts offer tips on curbing bad habit

Amanda Parillo, student at Scottsdale Community College, sits anxiously awaiting the end of her last class for the day. The bell rings to Parillo’s rescue as her teacher reminds the class of the due date for the class research paper. To her dismay the papers due date is tomorrow.

Students wait and put off work, give in to distractions and shift their attention to unimportant things. This habit can be broken once it receives the right amount of attention.

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Barrett Jackson attracts
car fanatics nationwide

For a week in January, car enthusiasts from around the country and all over the world share their love for automobiles at the Barrett Jackson Collector Car Auction in Scottsdale, Ariz.

This year marks the 43rd annual Scottsdale auction exceeding $113 million in gross sales and an estimated attendance of 300,000. A total of 1,399 cars sold and 14 of those vehicles sold to benefit both local and national charities. This year’s auction proved to be the most successful in company history
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Thunder down under

Sexagenarian enjoys an extra helping
of Australian beefcake

Thunder Down Under:  Is it a tropical storm in another hemisphere, every single girl’s dream, number seven on my bucket list or a group of Australian hunks stripping down to nearly microscopic G-strings? If you picked two, three and four, you’re correct! Nearly naked young dudes wearing next to nothing: Oh, my! Could my heart take it?
“Thunder” showcases the hottest young gents from the Land of Oz: Daniel, Alex, Dylan, Mark and others appeared at Talking Stick Resort on Sept. 20 to 23.  There were six sold-out shows and I was lucky enough to be at one of them.
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Remembering Molly

Saying 'goodbye' is hard to do

The day had come. It was a fairly ordinary day, predictably warm and sunny outside but heavy with clouds of sadness in the hearts of Molly’s people. This would be her last day on earth and those of us who loved her could not bear to let her go.

Never have I felt the intensity of sadness involved in not only saying goodbye, but having to be the one to choose the parting. I had to make the extremely difficult choice that she had come to the end of her life. Who am I to make this choice for her? Who am I to insist she continue living miserably?
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Hobbies, meditation help to keep busy PVCC faculty sane

Teachering doesn't end when educators punch out of the teaching foundry at the end of the day. The work goes home with them. There are term papers to read, homework to grade, lesson plans to lay out, tests to make, coffee to mainline.

A few teachers at PVCC have different ways to burn off stress when they have that rare moment of free time.

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PVCC student changes life
Healthy eating, persistence eliminates 86 pounds in 4 months

Health and fitness have become increasingly important in Rei Hairzi life ever since he parted ways with his old habits of drinking, and using cocaine and marijuana. As his health continued to decline and he began to pack on the pounds, being overweight pushed him to change and that’s exactly what he did.

His new found persistence in wanting to change become the foundation for his pursuit of a better lifestyle.

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Social intelligence needed to solve problems in cyber communications

Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. Tumbler. These are just a few of the social networking sites that millions of people on earth access every day. Along with these sites, most people have smart phones they can carry with them everywhere, not to mention electronic notebooks and laptops.

So technology can be positive or negative when it comes to relationships with others. But how exactly?

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Commitment, time management
drive students to success

The American football coach Vince Lombardi once said, “The quality of a person's life is in direct proportion to their commitment to excellence, regardless of their chosen field of endeavor." 

To be able to achieve their goals in college and maintain successful lives, students need to commit to their education. This commitment requires time management. A common concern of students is the sense of being overwhelmed by the demands of school.

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Gender Communication
Experts weigh in on communicating
in a relationship

I sat there, trying to focus on my TV show as she ceaselessly carried on about her day and her friend’s day and her relationship with her coworkers and her friend’s relationships with coworkers. “Please honey get to the point,” I was pseudo listening, while trying desperately to juggle the numerous words and thoughts my mind can process in any given minute. I was caught, there was nothing to be done. She was indeed mad.

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Remember the good old 1980s?

Archive.org brings vintage home video games back from the days of Reagan

Nothing screams early 1980s more than Air Supply, “The Greatest American Hero,” and home video games. Quite possibly the seeds of the fattening of America were planted in the late '70s and early '80s when the Atari 2600 video game console dominated home entertainment. Then there was ColecoVision, Intelivision and many other home video game sets competing for as much of our free time on our butts as we could stand. Or, rather, sit. Yes, by today's standards they were primitive with their simple play and clunky graphics, but back then the sharp edges and blindingly hard colors were an orgiastic feast for the eyes.
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Head-to-toe stretching works out desk job kinks

For many students, business workers, teachers and high-end executives, getting kinks from sitting at a desk for long periods of time is normal. Sitting for hours in front of a computer or at a desk in a workplace causes tension to build up in muscles. Since working at a desk requires being in one spot, many people turn for relief to snacks, coffee and energy drinks, which aren’t very healthy.
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Austrian city gleams
from across the ocean

Vienna resonates with lively entertainment, food, night life

The city of Vienna is the capital and largest city in the Western European country of Austria. Year after year Vienna is named one of the most livable and not to mention beautiful cities in the world by The Economist Group .Vienna, or Wien, as it is called by All of Europe and much of the rest of the world, is the seventh largest city on the continent by population. Vienna’s population has been on the rise for the last four years.

Ranked first, overall, by Innovation Cities for its culture of innovation, Vienna is filled with fascinating buildings — whether were talking about buildings that are hundreds of years old or newly built  skyscrapers. Five million tourists visit the city every year, so it’s an extremely student-friendly city that welcomes everyone.
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