Cher returns with hit album, new tour, TV comeback

AP Photo by Charles Sykes/Invision
Above, Cher performs on NBC's "Today" show on Monday, Sept. 23 in New York. At Left, Cher released her
new album,"Closer to the Truth," on Sept. 24.

After four decades of an extremely successful career in music and film, Cher announced in 2002 that she was embarking on her Living Proof: The Farewell Tour. That tour was so successful it lasted until 2005 and came through Phoenix four times. After the tour ended, she played 200 dates as the residential artist at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas. Then Cher kept a low profile in the entertainment world until the academy award-winning actor starred with pop singer Christine Aguilera in 2010’s film Burlesque. Now Cher is back and at 67 is determined to continue as a powerful force in music. She just released her first new album since 2001, announced first concert dates since 2007, signed on as Blake Shelton’s music mentor on this season’s The Voice, and performed on both the Today show and David Letterman the week her album dropped.

Cher, the only performer to have a top 10 hit in each decade from the ‘60s on is back . In addition, her string of hits continues as Cher’s new album, “Closer to the Truth,” hit the charts the first week at number three. The album charted higher than of any of Cher’s single albums proving she has not lost her staying power.

This Grammy, Emmy and three-time Golden Globe winner has always been a style icon from when she first appeared on the music scene as part of Sonny and Cher in 1965 wearing bright mod pants outfits. Then Cher started wearing gowns designed by Bob Mackie that looked like beaded works of art. After years of wearing her black hair very long, she appeared in wigs of various colors from black to white to purple to red in all styles. Since the ‘80s, Cher has favored mostly black outfits, including leather miniskirts, elaborate decorated gowns and velvet pants with boots. When she sang on the Today’s show this September, she arrived on the back of a police motorcycle wearing a short black glitter jacket, black leather boots and black pants with white geometric graphic. The next day she arrived at Dave Letterman’s in a long platinum wig, short pleated skirt and black leather leggings with boots. However, when she descends from a trapeze on the show she is in a curled black wig, glitter patterned motorcycle jacket, short black tight skirt, and fishnet and spike high heels. When you see her on TV, look at her promo shots and view the cover of her album she certainly looks like she has turned back time.

Cher seems ageless on the cover of her new album “Closer to the Truth,” with impossibly smooth skin and long platinum locks while dressed in a short silk lingerie. You realize Cher is not surrendering to being a senior citizen and she is still serious about competing in the pop female singer game.

“Closer to the Truth,” is an excellent pop album with mainly catchy dance songs. Cher continues the successful disco/electronic dance music style she used in her highly successful, “Believe, “album in 1998. The first half of the album contains catchy disco songs like the instant hit, “Woman’s World,” “My Love,” and “Red.” Although the songs are upbeat and highly danceable, Cher uses too much auto tuning and her once exceptional voice sounds too distorted. Two of the best songs on the album are the more rock pop songs: “I walk alone,” written by and featuring Pink and “I don’t have to sleep to dream. After the half dozen electronic dance songs are the slower ballads. Cher sings them beautifully, but after the upbeat songs of the first half they seem too slow. If placed in between the faster songs, their contrasting style might make for better listening. The album is well worth buying and it quickly grows on you the more you listen to it.

Cher will kick off her spring tour on Mar. 22nd at U.S. Airways Center in downtown Phoenix and tickets are now on sale. When you purchase a ticket for her show, you will be sent a free copy of “Closer to the Truth.”

The artist that inspired so many younger female artists will now be competing with them. Cher had years to build a large loyal fan base and the fans are still interested in her. However, will the younger audience find her relevant? She has always put on an elaborate and entertaining concert and certainly her “Dressed to Kill Show ” will rival Madonna’s, Lady Gaga’s and other contemporary performers’ shows.

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