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February 2001
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19-year old woman boxer packs a hard punch


At the age of 19, most female college students are busy driving from store to store searching for attractive ensembles of clothes and accessories. They hang out with friends almost every night and talk on the phone constantly. Surviving a semester of demanding classes, expensive books, and difficult teachers is what life is about, and stress is common.

This is what the normal female college student lives like. Elena "Baby Doll" Reid, a nickname given to her by a female trainer, lives exactly like this except with a twist. She is a professional female boxer. Through dedication and a fighting spirit, Reid has the chance to reach her goal in the sport of boxing: winning a world title.

Reid was born on November 1, 1981in Phoenix, Arizona, and has always been an athletic person. From fifth grade all the way through St. Mary¯s High School in Phoenix, she has participated in soccer, basketball, softball, volleyball, and cheerleading.

Reid didn¯t start boxing until the age of 15, when one of her friends introduced her to the sport of kickboxing. After winning the Arizona state kickboxing title at age 17, Reid decided to move on to another sport, boxing. She now trains at the Hard Knocks Gym in Phoenix.

Boxing has been very good to Reid over the past year. One of her highlights was winning the 2000 Rookie of the Year award that is given by the Women¯s Boxing Archive Network. Another highlight is the best bout Elena has ever fought. It occurred on August 26, 2000 when Reid battled against Jessica Combs at the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Reid won the match by KO (knock out) in the first round in 58 seconds. Her second quickest fight, which occurred in Phoenix, ended in 68 seconds, and it was against Brady Leon. These two wins, plus a couple of others, elevated Reid to fifth place in the world in the Jr. Flyweight division by the IBA Women¯s Boxing Rating.

As of today, her record stands at five wins, one loss, one draw, and two KO¯s. The only draw in Reid¯s career happened just a few weeks ago at the Old Greyhound Park in Phoenix. The fight lasted the full four rounds and finally ended up in a draw. Asked how she feels about the fight, Reid says, "I think I won!"

"I think the most I¯ve learned from boxing is determination and confidence," says Reid. Reid¯s 100 percent dedication to boxing has been essential to her success.

"It¯s a lifestyle," says Reid. "I train three-to-four hours a day in a gym, lifting weights, sparring with men and doing push-ups. I also run and swim. Boxing demands 100 percent concentration and dedication, or you¯ll go out to the ring and make a fool out of yourself."

While training is strenuous, requiring her full attention, Reid still finds time occasionally to hang out with friends and even to fit her boyfriend into her busy schedule.

Elena "Baby Doll" Reid isn¯t your typical college student. Training vigorously three-to-four hours a day for six days per week, plus being a full time student, isn¯t normally someone¯s idea of fun.

Reid thinks differently, and it pays off in the end. Eventually, Reid will "put up her gloves" and focus on a career in sports medicine. For now, however, it¯s back to the gym and to the ring for another strenuous day of being a 19-year-old professional boxer.