Strategic Planning

What is an Online course at Paradise Valley?

Students can access the course when they have time. There is no set schedule to meet with the instructor. Class meets asynchronously - meaning not at the same time. Most students agree that an online course is more convenient but they also say that learning online requires more time, self-discipline, dedication, and time management skills than traditional classroom learning.

Online courses meet the same academic standards as traditional, face-to-face courses. PVC instructors teach these courses. The instructor and textbook publishers create the course materials. These courses may also include a variety of web-based communication technologies to meet learning objectives. Our online courses are delivered using a Learning Management System (i.e., Canvas).

PV offers a variety of courses such as customer service, sales, finance, business communication, technology, health care, marketing, education and much more. Our online courses are informative, fun, and convenient. Take courses from the comfort of your home or office at the times that are most convenient for you. Enjoy the ease and flexibility of online learning today!

Ready to get started?

Click to take the Readiness Survey and you will be redirected to the Glendale Community College website where you can find out if you are a good match for an online course. The survey has three separate parts that cover Time Management, Technology, and Class Preferences.