Full Name: Manfred Susunkewa
"Cave Drawing"
Susunkewa: Cave Drawing
Nationality: Hopi
Location: Library West Wall #11
Medium: Ink on Silk Fabric on Masonite Panel
Size: 20" H X 24" W

Four ink drawings of elk on fabric. Three face to the viewer's left while one in botom register faces to viewer's right.

Biography: Born in 1940, Susunkewa's first award came at age eleven and he is as well known for his kachinas as his paintings. Some of the publications concerning his works include "Arizona Highways 1975", "San Diego Tribune 1975", and "Southwest Indian Painting 1973". Manfred makes spiritual representations and uses the same designs as his forefathers. Thanks to the impetus of Lloyd Kiva, he applied and was accepted for a year's study at the Institute in Stanta Fe which resulted in a scholarship to the University of Arizona for one year. Susunkewa eventually took over production of the textile design at Lloyd Kiva's shop in Scottsdale. He was an exhibitor at the Heard Indian Fair and his many shows include Washington D.C, Chicago, and San Francisco.

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